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No programming language required

allows for techaers without programming knowledge to create highly interactive app content and to infuse various location based technology to their apps easily.

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The only thing you can rely on to prevent you from succeeding in mathematics is you’ve gotten wrong. The very first thing to do is to stop doing those issues and simply quit. Don’t spend hours do not spend days in paper editor your home. Doing homework is great, but then you’ll never succeed, if you are not focusing on your math problem. Below are a few methods to find and repair your math problems and discover the answers you need in the end.

Location-Based Services

Location Based Services (LBS) allows you to deliver your education contents directly into the hands of your students exactly when they need it. 

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Media Rich Content and 2D, 3D, Games

 Publisher can easily upload their media rich content, from images, videos, games and text to be uploaded and arranged on the artboard with ease.

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Augmented Reality

The web-based platform allows publishers easy access from a computer anywhere in the world.AR customisation makes still objects come to life .

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Digtal Classroom of Museum

Museums are a popular field trip destination, but as learning becomes more digital, more and more museums are offering digital learning programs designed to engage students and give them enhanced educational experiences.

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Kids EQ Theme AR Book 

EQ, or emotional intelligence, can be just as important as IQ when it comes to getting along in life. We published the book for developing EQ for kids via AR technology  and traditional color painting .

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LBS Outdoor Learning APP

A fully web-based platform for anyone without programming knowledge to create highly interactive app content . Use it to create engaging self guided outdoor learning for your kids!

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